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Will wall stop resilient San Pedro River from crossing the border?

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The mighty San Pedro River in Southeastern Arizona and Northern Mexico has survived droughts, floods, fires and wars, but will the Trump Administration’s proposal to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border threaten one of the last undammed rivers in the United States? The river flows north out of Mexico and across the border into the United States near Hereford. The river has a rich cultural, ecological and historical record, and is the lifeblood to the small communities that have sprouted up along its banks. It also impacts a riparian area that is home to more than 250 migratory birds and more than 100 species of breeding birds, including the yellow-billed cuckoo. The riparian area of the San Pedro is also home to 84 species of mammals such as jaguars, coatimundi, beavers and bats. It is here in Southern Arizona where concerns...

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Winter storms bring welcome rains and drought relief, but is it enough?

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Recent storms and mountain snow delivered short-term drought relief created happy farmers, brought wildflowers that add color to attract tourists and replenished the water supply. But is one month of above-average precipitation enough to wipe away a decade-long drought in the Southwest? Not according to climate researcher Ben McMahan. “When comparing drought improvement, we have to remember the long term vs. the short term.  It takes time for the long-term deficit to build up. One great month didn’t really make up the difference of the next couple months not being that great,” said McMahan, research outreach and assessment specialist for the Climate Assessment for the Southwest (CLIMAS) program. McMahan said that although the recent January rains have been a pleasant surprise during a La Niña year — which is typically characterized with below-average precipitation — the region still faces long-term drought recovery. Nick Buckelew,...

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