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Ending food waste one tomato at a time

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A tomato grows in Mexico. After being plucked from the vine, shipped into the United States, and placed on a shelf, it lies in wait. Some don’t even make it to the shelf. If the tomato isn’t purchased, it’s off to the landfill.   Some find salvation.   One woman has dedicated the last 20-plus years to her passion project meant to help solve this waste problem and secure peoples’ access to the basic human right of a healthy diet. “I didn’t even know what a food bank was, but I took the job because I needed it and I always worked with social justice,” says Yolanda Soto, president and CEO of Borderlands Food Bank, a non-profit in Arizona. “Now we’ve been here for 23 years and are feeding people nutritiously and curbing food waste.”   Soto, who then...

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