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Laughter may increase physical and emotion well-being

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The question of whether laughter is truly the best medicine for physical and psychological ailments has floated around the public for years. People have wondered if humor is a valid remedy when enduring trauma — and they may have reason to believe in its effectiveness. According to a 2014 study conducted by Barbara Butler, a science librarian for the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology at the University of Oregon, a positive emotional state may increase pain tolerance, enhance immunity and undo cardiovascular consequences of negative emotions. Butler also concluded that using humor as a coping strategy may benefit physical health indirectly by moderating adverse effects of stress. William Fry, a psychology professor at Stanford University and one of the first scientists to suggest studying the effects of laughter, revealed in Butler’s study that humor and mirth contribute positively to...

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Glass art materializes across Arizona

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Raven Copeland stared at the flames of his torch through his protective glasses. He maneuvered his tools strategically to construct the multicolored oval shape and color coordination of the glass that he desired. The piece materialized into a glass sculpture of three small gold pillars, stabilized by a half-moon platform. The pillars held up a majestic glass ball coated with an array of green, yellow, purple and black. The piece, which Copeland dubbed “Transpicuous Position,” took first place in Tucson’s annual “Flame-Off” competition that features the best glass artists around the country. The art of glass-blowing emerged as a popular art form in southern Arizona since in the early 1970s. It began behind the craft of Tom Philabaum, who is widely regarded as the pioneer of the glass-blowing movement in southern Arizona. Philabaum first became introduced to glass in a ceramics...

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