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Eye killing is the new pastime of the 21st century

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The children of the 21st century have a new nickname: vision killers. They are the first generation to grow up in this technological world, but this so called “access” has its downfall. All this screen-time can lead to long-term eye health problems. In 2014, research group Millward Brown, found that a typical multiscreen user absorbs seven hours of screen media per day during a five-hour-period. This compares to a study done in 1995 by another research firm, Childwise, where on average, children spent a little under three hours in front of a screen. “Long term, with more and more work [in front of] computers, it increases the chance of myopia,” said local optometrist, Dr. Curtis Dechant, who works for Vision Source Tucson. Myopia usually begins at a young age and is a refractive error where a person can see near objects...

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