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Feminism lost in comic books

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For Jenn Hopkins, 27-year-old Tucson artist, her love for comic books started at the age of 7 and only grew as the years went by, as did her awareness to the male-dominated content inside the pages of her favorite books. Similar to real life, women in comic books continue to be seen as both supporting characters and as potential leaders with little success to being accepted as equals. A point of study has been the depiction of women in comics, in which body types are unrealistically portrayed. And perhaps unsurprisingly given that comic books have been a male-dominated industry since its conception, female comic book characters are often featured wearing hyper-sexualized costumes, with emphasis on large busts, tiny waists, round butts and long legs. Hopkins is considered a leader in Tucson’s comic book community. She empowers women not only...

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Rocketing to space comes with a hefty price tag

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Booking beachfront villas on the Amalfi Coast and vacationing on private yachts for the 1 percent will soon be replaced by trips that rocket outside of Earth’s atmosphere as innovations in space tourism continue to flourish in Tucson and around the United States. Commercial space travel may become a realistic goal as early as 2017, according to the Tucson based company World View. And these trips do not come cheap. For $75,000 people can reserve their spot on a World View commercial launch vehicle and add to the soon to be growing number of people who have been to outer space. Around 20 commercial space companies in the United States are working to someday provide suborbital flights to space tourists. Although they vary on their methods from high-altitude balloons to small rockets, they all share one commonality: the hefty price...

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Arizona cultural theater takes the stage

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Milta Ortiz, moved to Tucson with her husband solely to write the documentary drama play titled Más, about the banning of Mexican-American studies in the Tucson Unified School District. Ortiz, Borderland Theater’s marketing and outreach director, is passionately working with her husband, Marc Pinate, the theater’s producing director, to bring the theater centerstage to new audiences in Southern Arizona. Borderlands Theater has undergone various changes since being founded 30 years ago by Barclay Goldsmith. But the emphasis of the theater has always been on the border voice and telling native stories, a mission that continues to thrive under Pinate’s direction. The proximity between Mexico and Arizona has continually had a distinct influence on the culture and people of this state, and it is this culture that has distinctly begun to shape the performing arts in the southwest. Niche regional...

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Flock to Arizona’s fall festivals

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Scorching summer days are coming to end, which means comfortable sunny days are ahead for Arizona residents and tourists. Fall is the perfect season in the desert to get outside and enjoy time with friends and family. Take advantage of all fall has to offer in Arizona at one of these popular festivals. September Festivals Sept. 19. 14th Annual Roasted Chile Festival. Indulge on fresh roasted chiles at the 14th Annual Roasted Chile Festival. The event will feature live music by John Grant & the Guilty Bystanders, an alternative country/ rock band from Tucson, arts and crafts, organic produce and a beer garden. This festival is held in Tucson, Arizona. For more information, visit Sept. 18- 26. 8th Annual Arizona Underground Film Festival. Arizona Underground Film Festival in Tucson showcases independent films from all over the country and from a variety of...

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