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Planned Parenthood’s funding is at risk in Arizona

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  Under the Trump administration, the future of Planned Parenthood—and the Arizona women who rely on it for healthcare—looks murkier than ever. Last week, President Donald Trump signed legislation allowing states to withhold Title X family planning funding from abortion providers.  The measure passed through Congress last month with Vice President Mike Pence casting the tie-breaking vote. Now it is up to the Arizona legislature to decide whether to strip Title X funding from Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.  This federal policy change will not have an immediate impact on Arizona, because the state’s Title X funds are distributed by the Arizona Family Health Partnership, a nonprofit which receives money directly from the federal government. But it could open the door for the legislators to try to take control of the funding and direct it away from Planned Parenthood.  Michael Braun, Executive Director...

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Will the Women’s March on Washington become the next women’s movement?

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  The day after his inauguration, women across the globe had a message for President Donald Trump: we will not be silent. The Women’s March on Washington moved millions of women into the streets, dominated the news cycles and elicited an angry tweet from the president. But will it have the power to create lasting social movement? Women’s marches on every continent drew 2.5 million worldwide, and the impressive turnout has many optimistic about the march’s ability to evolve into an enduring opposition movement. Yet others predict it will fizzle out like the Equal Rights Amendment and Occupy Wall Street movements. Elizabeth Sanders, a Cornell University professor whose research focuses on American politics and social movements, said she sees early indications the passion generated by the march will flicker out rather than spark an effective resistance. Sanders campaigned for the Equal...

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