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Arizona car collections fine-tuned

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  Arizona’s dry heat is not only good for people looking to escape the cold, it is also a great place for cars. This is one reason the car culture of Arizona is so rich and unique. The conditions are perfect for maintaining new cars and cars that are older than the state itself. Examples of cars that have been maintained can be found in private collections throughout the state. Wayne Gould, owner of Wayne’s Toys, showcases a vast variety of cars in a private collection at his Tucson location, 990 S. Cherry Ave. “I think it’s the best place to have a car collection,” Gould said. “Environmentally it’s dry here we don’t have the issue of rust, the only problem is driving them in the heat.” Switching from the beautiful fins of 50s American and the small European sports...

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UA seeks opportunity in autonomous cars

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The University of Arizona Tech Parks lost out on becoming a federal testing site for autonomous vehicles last month, but they are not giving up. The parks will continue testing and developing autonomous vehicles and systems with hopes of being a part of a global network for self-driving cars. “Our goal at the Tech Parks is to be a major testing and demonstration site for this new technology,” said Bruce A. Wright, associate vice president at the UA Tech Parks. “We have not given up, we hope that there will be a second round of designations and we can be a candidate for that.” This technology will change the roads we drive on every day. Autonomous cars will lead to a variety of advancements not only in the cars we will drive but the roads we drive them on. “We...

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