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Locals anticipate Tombstone’s demise

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After years of being an also-ran on True West Magazine’s Top 10 True Western Towns, Tombstone finally made the list. It’s No. 9. For many people who live and visit this town, it could seem as good news set atop the bad: They believe the town is slowly dying. It’s high noon on a Saturday and the streets are nearly bare — it’s a senior citizens’ paradise. Only service dogs and retirees stroll along the broken wooden sidewalks. Novelty cowboy gear, old timey photo shops, and run-down bars line the streets. Coming around the corner from Fremont Street onto Allen Street, visitors are sent back to the Wild West of the 1800s. Empty dirt roads, stagecoaches, and makeshift signs make up the landscape of the town. Locals and costumed street actors mix in their western attire. The cheap movie...

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