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UA valley fever research could save sick dogs

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Brinkley is only 1 1/2 years old. She takes six medications a day. One combats the infection in her bones. Three suppress her pain. One supplements her joints, and the last is an antibiotic that fights her additional health threats. Brinkley suffers from a severe case of valley fever, a disease that is crippling dogs all over Arizona. There is nothing that could have prevented Brinkley from contracting the disease, but research at the University of Arizona could change that, with a vaccine that would eliminate the threat of valley fever in dogs, possibly within the next five years. “We’ve had some good lucky recently,” said John Galgiani, Director of the UA Valley Fever Center for Excellence. “We have a (potential) vaccine that has been very productive in mice.” Researcher and veterinarian Lisa Shubitz said vaccine tests on dogs should...

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