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The power and infamy of Dusty Escapule

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Many love him, many hate him and the ones who dislike Tombstone Mayor Dustin Escapule don’t talk about him because they fear him. The man known as Dusty has made the “town too tough to die” his town. His strong local support and service over five terms in 10 years delivers the last name Escapule as immense authority in Tombstone. He’s a fourth-generation native. His great grandfather settled in Tombstone in 1877, two years before the town was established. Because of similar facial features, his grandfather, John Henry Escapule, was often mistaken as Doc Holliday from the O.K. Corral gunfight. The Escapule roots are deep in Tombstone, but Dusty is a different breed considering his political prowess. Escapule is a good ole’ country boy who looks out for his own. Occasionally he’ll be seen driving his truck around Allen Street sporting...

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