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Students and activists fight for no more stolen sisters

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While many people first heard about the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women movement at this year’s women’s marches, Eve Reyes-Aguirre was exposed to it years ago. Reyes-Aguirre, an Izkaloteka woman living in Phoenix, lost her 16-year-old cousin in September 2001 to a domestic violence murder in a motel room in Amarillo, Texas. Her cousin’s 23-year-old boyfriend at the time, the suspected killer, has been on the run from law enforcement ever since. Now a mother and an activist, Reyes-Aguirre is running for the Arizona Senate with the Green Party — motivated by her cousin’s death and her experiences with the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women movement. Her story of a family member who died from domestic violence is not an anomaly among indigenous women. According to the most recent U.S. Census, indigenous people comprise about 2 percent of the...

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