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Arizonans share harm of racial profiling

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Racial profiling happens. It happens inside a classroom, at the market and in the streets. And to those to whom it happens, the hurt is real. Here are five stories. Chelsea Kiki With her husband driving, and the brand-new scent of the car freshener coming from the little tree hanging inside their car, Chelsea Kiki and her husband were having a quiet drive on the freeway. Chelsea Kiki, 25, is 5 feet 6 inches tall and is African American. She is from San Francisco and raises funds for the Arizona Charity Foundation. Kiki and her husband were on their way to Phoenix. She knew they were going the speed limit with their seat belts on. She was surprised when a policeman pulled them over. “They told my husband to get out of the car and took him to the squad car,” she said....

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A student with a dream gets her chance

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  Her mother started packing their suitcases as little 4-year-old Marygrace watched by the door with her big brown eyes, curious as to what’s going on. Today, Marygrace Ghio-Rodriguez stands tall and slim at 5 feet 6 with a sandy complexion. Her shoulder-length raven brown hair streams over her back. She gives off a full energy of confidence. Now 18, she majors in anthropology at the University of Arizona. As a native Peruvian, she speaks Spanish fluently. Ghio-Rodriguez is not a U.S. citizen. She is part of the Dreamer generation, children whose parents brought them to the country when they were very young. Her parents still aren’t citizens, and her college hopes depend upon Obama administration rules that got her into UA — rules that are now up in the air under President Trump. According to an American Immigration Council fact sheet, only...

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