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Pokémon Go transitions to Pokémon Gone

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The release of Pokémon Go sent millions of Pokémon fans into a frenzy to catch virtual creatures like Pikachu, Evee, and Dragonite after its release last summer, but has since lost its following among users. “There was such a hype when it was coming out from my friends and family and of course I wanted to join the band wagon,” said Mariana Hyland. Hyland was a Pokémon card fan as a child, but wanted to see what the game was all about. She was an avid user of the game and even an admin for the Pokémon Go Arizona Facebook page. Hyland was the definition of a Pokémon fanatic. According to recent reports released by cross-platform analytics company comScore, Pokémon Go user rates peaked at 28.5 million users on July 13, 2016, while the application simultaneously became one of the...

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Rillito Park Racetrack, the dark horse of Quarter Horse racing

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Each time the jockeys and horses line up at the starting gates of Rillito Park Racetrack for the 2017 winter meet, the anticipation of the starting bell stirs excitement. In many cultures, the chime of a bell can symbolize death or an end of a chapter, but for Rillito Park Racetrack and Tucson horse racing fans, sounds of the starting bell signify the track’s new lease on life. Since 1943, Rillito Park Racetrack has sat along the backdrop of the Catalina Mountains attracting nearly 4,000 race fans every Saturday during the racing season. Because of the tireless passion and dedication expressed from local race fans, Rillito Park Racetrack has been granted a lease extension from the Pima County Board of Supervisors through June 2021. “The whole process was very mixed emotion. People have a lot of heart and soul...

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