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Bright flames cause rude awakening for city of Bisbee

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The City of Bisbee experienced a rude awakening on the morning of Oct. 11 as the town’s City Hall became incinerated in flames, but the historical documents within should be preservable, authorities said. Bisbee Police Chief Albert Echave confirmed that no historical or major project information was damaged in the fire.  “We were actually able to get into the vault and it does look like a lot of that stuff is still intact, might be a little wet, so there’s going to be some process that we will go through to preserve that stuff but it was not destroyed in the fire,” Echave said. The fire started around 1 a.m., with  Bisbee Fire Department being the first to arrive, and was later assisted by firefighters from other departments. Douglas, Palominas, Fry, San Jose, Whetstone, Sunnyside Fire departments helped exterminate...

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Drug trafficking in southeast Arizona declining but still national crisis

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Drug trafficking across the U.S. and Mexico border continues to be an epidemic, not just for Southeast Arizona, but the nation as a whole. Cochise County is one of the primary points of entry. Since 2013, six different drugs have been commonly smuggled into the U.S.: methamphetamine, powdered cocaine, marijuana, crack cocaine, heroin and oxycodone. According to the U.S. Border Patrol Tucson Sector, agents seized 727,367 pounds of marijuana last year; nearly 22 times the 32,608 pounds confiscated by Yuma’s sector. The Tucson sector haul accounts for more than half of the total amount of marijuana seized in the southern sector of the U.S. Cochise County Attorney Brian McIntyre, who has been with the county attorney’s office for 12 years and served as a drug and violence prosecutor for five years, said heroin and cocaine use is on the...

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