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News for Southeastern Arizona, provided by the University of Arizona School of Journalism

Arizona Republicans say Flake vulnerable in next election

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  At a Cochise County Oktoberfest event earlier this month, Sen. Jeff Flake received zero ballot petition signatures, according to Cochise County Republican Precinct Commiteeman, David Dolge. Dolge said a ballot petition was circulated around the event, where about 70 people signed for Kelli Ward. He said many republicans in the county feel underrepresented by the senator, which may be why he didn’t receive any signatures.  Flake speaks out about his beliefs, which has landed him in hot water with many of his constituents throughout the state. With Republican challenger, Kelli Ward already announcing her run to take the Senate seat, Flake is vulnerable.  But University of Arizona Professor Chris Weber said it is too early to tell just how vulnerable he is. Weber, who specializes in political psychology and political behavior pertaining to American political campaigns, said there...

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