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News for Southeastern Arizona, provided by the University of Arizona School of Journalism

Arizona child poverty rates edging downward

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Albert Alan lived in poverty as a teenager. This past May 2017 graduated with three degrees from the University of Arizona. Alan knew that education was his honorable way out of destitution. Alan is now a medical student at UA with hopes his medical degree will allow him to be voice of the undeserved. “When I was homeless I had no access to healthcare. I saw first hand the dark side of America and knew that America was better then this,” said Alan. Alan, a Latino, is just one of millions nationally who experienced homelessness as a child. Eighty-six percent of children living in poverty are minorities. African American 22 percent, Asian American 13 percent, Latino 24 percent, Native American 33 percent, White 14 percent. About 15 million, one out of five, of children in the United States live below...

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Blues music maintains sound footing in Arizona

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Blues music is a pleasant sound for Southern Arizona. Marty Kool, face of blues in Arizona, has been reviewing blues on air for 30 years at 91.3 KXCI. Kool tells a love for music from R&B of the 50s to blues music he now plays on the radio. “There’s a magic about blues that seems to bring people together,” said Kool. “People from all walks of life turn up at blues shows and have great fun, dance, laugh and get along.” Like many other kinds of music, the popularity of blues grows and diminishes.  Country, jazz, or rock and roll, all have hints of blues in their sound. They would not be alive today without the blues. “As long as there’s music, there’ll be blues,” said Kool. Tom Walbank, a blues players in Tucson first discovered blues in his...

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