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Remnants of Benson Highway still standing

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Dusty roads, flickering motel neon lights and old cafes fill the empty region that used to be an attraction to visitors all over the country – old Benson Highway. Connecting the country from the Pacific in San Diego to the Atlantic in Tybee Island, Georgia, U.S. Route 80 was one of the early transcontinental highways in the United States. Like other highways of the time, much of it became decommissioned with the introduction of the interstate system in the 1950s. Those looking for a small, historical detour between Pima and Cochise counties can find traces of the old – sometimes lonely – road. Follow the signs as if you are going to the Tucson Airport. Keep going forward, the signs urge, down Kino Parkway. Hit the turn signal and turn left at the diagonal street — Benson Highway. Start by turning onto the highway where the...

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