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Casa Mariposa restores broken lives

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In a quaint house west of downtown Tucson thrives a local intentional community dedicated to helping the voiceless and fighting injustice in the wake of immigration reform. The movement, initially known as The Restoration Project, began almost a year after a group of people met at a Sitting Tree community gathering in May 2008. After talking, they realized they share the same vision of living peacefully. Eight years later, the project has evolved into Casa Mariposa, a community known for its welcome arms, open doors and don’t-ask policy pertaining to the work of immigration and the U.S. Mexico border. The focus of the community lies in “helping those who are stuck in the web of immigration,” said John Heid, a long-term core member. Heid has roots in social work since 1984 when he first began his community involvement. He...

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