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Bordering 110°: Stories from Mexico to Canada along the 110th meridian

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  The US-Mexico border will play a key role in local, national and international geopolitics in 2017, just as it did during the 2016 presidential campaign. Yet, the US-Canada border, which is more than twice the length of the southern border is often left out of the political and media landscapes. Reported and produced by University of Arizona journalism students, this project explores and investigates the relationship between two key points along the country’s southern and northern borders. Bordering 110 degrees focuses on the people who live along the longitudinal line known as the 110th meridian – that runs through Ambos Nogales (Nogales, Ariz. /Nogales, Sonora), crosses north through the United States, and 1534 miles away continues through the community of Sweet Grass, Mont., and into Coutts, Alberta, Canada. The communities of Ambos Nogales and Sweet Grass/Coutts represent two...

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Arizona car collections fine-tuned

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  Arizona’s dry heat is not only good for people looking to escape the cold, it is also a great place for cars. This is one reason the car culture of Arizona is so rich and unique. The conditions are perfect for maintaining new cars and cars that are older than the state itself. Examples of cars that have been maintained can be found in private collections throughout the state. Wayne Gould, owner of Wayne’s Toys, showcases a vast variety of cars in a private collection at his Tucson location, 990 S. Cherry Ave. “I think it’s the best place to have a car collection,” Gould said. “Environmentally it’s dry here we don’t have the issue of rust, the only problem is driving them in the heat.” Switching from the beautiful fins of 50s American and the small European sports...

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UA seeks opportunity in autonomous cars

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The University of Arizona Tech Parks lost out on becoming a federal testing site for autonomous vehicles last month, but they are not giving up. The parks will continue testing and developing autonomous vehicles and systems with hopes of being a part of a global network for self-driving cars. “Our goal at the Tech Parks is to be a major testing and demonstration site for this new technology,” said Bruce A. Wright, associate vice president at the UA Tech Parks. “We have not given up, we hope that there will be a second round of designations and we can be a candidate for that.” This technology will change the roads we drive on every day. Autonomous cars will lead to a variety of advancements not only in the cars we will drive but the roads we drive them on. “We...

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Game players flip with the return of pinball

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Behind the dark-stained wood door and faded red-brick of D&D Pinball in Tucson, Ariz. lies a collection of the biggest movie and TV stars from the 80s and 90s. The Addams Family, Indiana Jones, Luke Skywalker, the Creature from the Black Lagoon and many more fight for gamers’ attention in a war zone of flashing lights, countdowns, pings, pews, clanks and explosions. Places like D&D Pinball, Arizona’s largest pinball arcade with 30 machines, serves as a time capsule preserving childhood memories of the arcade and a life support system for the resurgence of pinball to the younger generations, which represents the growing popularity of pinball and its community. “Maybe you want to rekindle or recapture some of what you had in your youth, the memories, the fun times of being at the arcade,” said Mark Pearson, International Flipper Pinball...

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New Arizona legislators getting an ‘education’

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PHOENIX — House Majority Whip David Livingston knocked and entered the third floor office of Rep. Regina Cobb, R-Kingman, to confirm her affirmation on the civics test requirement for Arizona students just hours before the floor vote. Cobb ensured the Peoria Republican that she would vote for the bill – the first major piece of legislation from the Arizona Capitol that would cap off a hectic first week for freshman lawmakers like her. The major vote represented just one of many firsts for new legislators hailing from around the state. The Senate saw six new members join its ranks this session and the House welcomed 20 first-time legislators. Some have served in the Arizona legislature before, but for many an adjustment to Capitol life had to be made. Four of those members – Rep. Chris Ackerley, R-Sahuarita; Rep. Charlene...

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Violations on the rise in Arizona nursing homes

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Violations in patient care at Medicare-approved nursing homes in Arizona continue rising with half involving serious incidents that endanger immediate patient care, data analyzed by Arizona Sonora News reveals. Arizona is 37th in the nation for serious violations and ranks eight nationally in overall care, according to one non-profit organization’s analysis of the data. The data cover approximately three years of state inspections of 147 mostly private facilities that rely on state and federal reimbursement to pay for care. A problem is the nature of the data collected by the state. For example, the state requires a facility to report number of staffers but it doesn’t specify direct caregivers, so it cannot be determined how many patients any one caregiver serves. Patients have been severely burned and some have escaped. Others have been given wrong or unnecessary medication, left...

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UA exercise mimics pandemic emergency

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A bird flu pandemic hit the University of Arizona Oct. 31. But it wasn’t real. Here’s the scenario: Increases in human-to-human transmission of the flu in Thailand led the World Health Organization to raise the pandemic alert to its highest level. Countries scrambled to stockpile the limited flu medication Tamiflu. People at the UA had to decide who to treat first and whether to put themselves at risk by treating patients. Nearly 600 students from different majors participated in the exercise mimicking challenges professionals face during a large-scale health emergency. Dr. Andreas Theodorou, chief medical officer of the University of Arizona Health Network, and Dr. Hal Strich, associate director of the university’s MD-MPH program, created the program. Theodorou said a pandemic flu has been used as the simulated disease in past exercises because it is something that can actually...

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Country Thunder Music Festival Returns to Florence

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Country music fans load up their campers and hit the road for another year at the country thunder music festival. Arizona Cat’s Eye reporter, Andria Caviglia takes us out to...

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Light Pollution: Keeping the Skies Dark

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Read More about light pollution on Leave the Nightlight...

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Local Beer and Wine in Tombstone

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[Show thumbnails] Tombstone is an oasis for those who appreciate alcohol because of the town’s vast selection of local beers and wine. Visitors can find an array of beers from Arizona breweries at multiple saloons along with wine made with locally grown grapes. Beer: The Crystal Palace Saloon serves the Black Iron Indian Pale Ale from the Grand Canyon Brewery located in Williams, Arizona. They also offer the Full Moon Belgian White Ale from the Mudshark Brewing Company, from Lake Havasu City.  “The people who come from all over want to know if we have local beers and where they’re brewed,” said Michelle Martinez, an employee at the saloon. “We try to keep everything local.” The bar serves several beers from the Old Bisbee Brewing Company and Four Peaks Brewing Company based out of Tempe. Patrons can enjoy Old...

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