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The ‘Ambos Nogales’ divided by Trump’s wall

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  Saturdays and Sundays bring families to the steel beams of fence, dividing Ambos Nogales, a Spanish term to describe the community of Nogales north and south of the border. Families and loved ones come together at the border to talk, eat and relax. Despite being separated by the fence, they find shade under mesquite trees and spend hours visiting. Jiovana Aldez, a factory worker from Nogales, Sonora, meets her husband every two weeks. When they say goodbye, they kiss between the rusty beams. Aldez’s husband is Cuban and has asylum in the United States and lives in Phoenix. However, Aldez’s visa expired, keeping them apart. “If there was a wall, I wouldn’t be able to see him,” Aldez said. “It would be by phone. If there’s an actual wall, he won’t be able to come down and see me.”...

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Gasolinazo: Gas crisis in Mexico crosses the border

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Angela Ayala Gonzalez, like many other residents in San Luis, Sonora, and Nogales, Sonora, is struggling even more to make ends meet in Mexico after a 20 percent increase in gas prices following a decision to eliminate state oil subsidies by the Mexican government. Gas stations across the Mexico border have shut down their pumps in reaction to the gasolinazo, or gasoline blow as it is being called. The increase in gas prices sparked major protests across the border towns, including San Luis Rio Colorado and Nogales. President Enrique Peña Nieto said in a message to the nation that the rise in fuel prices is a result of the rise in international prices and that it is “a difficult change” but necessary to guarantee economic stability. However, during Nieto’s 2015 New Year speech, Nieto promised there would be “…. no...

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Tucson’s pothole problem won’t go away

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Campaign promises. Propositions. Complaining. Damages. Injuries. What do just some of these aspects each have in common? The crumbling infrastructure of Tucson roads. In 2013, the Old Pueblo was ranked fifth worst in the country for the conditions of roads by TRIP, a national transportation research group. This crumbling infrastructure effects Tucson’s community, elected representatives and the economy. “I hit a pothole in my car and the pothole was so bad that it busted my tire,” said Adriana Chairez, Tucson resident, who at various times repaired tires on all four of her vehicles because of the potholes scattered across Tucson.  “I was travelling at 40 miles per hour. It popped my tire.” After the damage to her vehicle’s tire, Chairez, who drives her kids to school, began taking a different route to avoid the damaging roads. “It’s draining, having...

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